Techinva Kenya is a social Limited Company committed
to meet and add value to client's essential needs through application of Technology and Innovation
in the provision of high quality goods and facilitation of tangible services.


lena sparkle

Lena Sparkle

We are focused on manufacturing highly effective cleaning detergents to compete in the open market and offer home and office cleaning services.



We manufacture highly effective and least-toxic pest control products for all kinds of pests. We also offer pest control and fumigation services.

Quantum Media Galaxy

Quantum Media Galaxy

A Multimedia Venture Powered by Techinva Kenya Limited that offers a range of services from; business consultancy, design and branding to freelancing. We aid in selling a product or idea through effective visual communication

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  • Quantum Media Galaxy

    Quantum Media Galaxy makes it easier than ever to create and customize unique marketing materials to represent businesses. We aid in selling a product or idea through effective visual communication. Our Business Design Concept for Corporate Identity and Branding is applied to products and elements of company identity like logos,

  • Pest Extermination - control and eradication

    Most establishments either commercial, institutional or residential are infested by various kinds of pests and it is on this background that techinva Kenya Limited has designed a digitized pest eradication management to offer a solution to this menace.

  • AfriniqueKenian Collectibles

    E-Commerece is taking over the trading speed at a high speed. Online Shopping sites like Amazon, E-Bay, Alibaba, Shopify, Jumia, OLX among others are taking centerstage in exchange of goods and services. Millions of people in the world posses mobile phones with active internet access.

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